A Website For All is one of my newest initiatives built around something I’m very passionate about: empowering and providing anybody with the tools they need to create a personal or business website.

There are so many people who have poorly designed websites or worse: no website at all! My goal is to change both of those things by helping you create your own website through video and written tutorials. I 100% believe that every person and definitely every business should have a website, and a good one too!

The number one concern I hear from people who want to build a new website is the concern about the cost. And they are right: a good website with custom features does cost a pretty penny. However, most people don’t realize they could make a decent website themselves with a bit of guidance. I’m here to provide that guidance and I’m going to do it for FREE.

Who Am I?

Morgan Spencer Profile Headshot

You may be wondering “Who is this amazing guy who is going help me create a website myself at no charge?” Well, my name is Morgan Spencer!

I am a professional web designer and developer who currently juggles working full-time managing a college’s entire website, my own freelance business with clients, and several other independent ventures. I live in Charleston, SC with my wife and dog. I enjoy all aspects of web design and business and try to provide value through information about the topics I enjoy.

Contact me to get to know me more or learn more about A Website For All. I’m here to help you