Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems are the best way to manage and maintain a modern website. They come in all shapes and sizes. But what are they exactly? And what is the benefit of using one?

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system, or CMS, provides an interface for you to create content for your website. If we take a blog for example, the CMS allows users to create new posts, edit the look of their website, add new features and more without writing a single line of code. This can be powerful for users who do not understand or want to understand how to code a website.

Content management systems provide the basis for your website and handles the infrastructure to make your website run. They also optimize how a website is served to a visitor and hundreds of other small tasks so that you don’t have to.

CMSs are integral for your website because they make your life easier and more efficient. The best part is that nowadays there are hundreds of options for content management systems so you can pick the right one that fits your needs. However, this can also be the incredibly difficult as there are an overwhelming amount of choices.

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