Start Here

Welcome to A Website For All and congratulations on taking your first step towards a new website for yourself or your company! I truly believe that every person and especially every business should have a website. You can use your website to document your life, even if you think it’s boring. Just think have how cool it will be to look back in 50 years and see everything you’ve done! Or you could promote your business professionally because the first place people look when they want to learn more about your business is online.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide anybody with the tools they need to build a simple website. Note that I said “simple website” because I want to set expectations so that you aren’t expecting to see a wildly in-depth website with dozens of specialized features.

If you are looking for something more complex I highly recommend looking for freelancers and small companies in your local market (if you’re in Charleston, SC reach out to my company Creative Cache). I love supporting local businesses because you’ll get a more personalized experience and probably pricing closer to your budget than if you went with a large agency.

If this all sounds like too much and you’re thinking that you just want to setup a basic website with a few features then look no further! My videos will teach you how to setup your new website quickly (possibly in a day). I’ll give you some options to choose from and then guide you on the path of creating your website.

If you’re ready let’s get to it! If you’re still hesitant take a look at my Guided Courses and see if that’s more your speed. If you follow either course path you’ll have a website (or two) up in no time!

Head to the next post, Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS), to continue your website journey!