Guided Courses


My Guided Courses are a more structured path toward your new website with several added benefits over solely my YouTube videos. You can purchase a single course or a bundle. But before we get to that, let me explain the purpose of these courses and why you might be interested.

I believe in providing my content for free which is why all the videos that are used in the Guided Courses are available on the A Website For All YouTube channel, as well as on this website. You might be wondering why you might bother purchasing a guided course if the content is available for free anyway. The reason is I wanted to provide a more specialized and in-depth solution for students that may need some extra help with their website setup.

Some students find the YouTube format challenging to navigate. Other students want a more well-defined path towards their new website. And a lot of students like to chat with other students taking these courses. To solve these pain-points, I created the Guided Courses which include the following additional benefits:

  • Guided Google Classroom courses
  • Structured courses allow students to follow the appropriate path
  • Chat with other students in your course
  • Contact Morgan directly for assistance with your website
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group for A Website For All students

Again, all the videos used in the courses are available for FREE on YouTube and on this website. I believe that the videos can help anyone create a website. But if you want a bit more structure and assistance please consider the Guided Courses as a solution.